Under Houses By Day, Under Iron by Night

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

JUNE Featured Athlete - Rob Saurer Sport - Bodybuilding

The simple act of crawling beneath houses or squeezing under tight sinks is tough enough for the average size person. Pursuing competitive bodybuilding while working as a third generation plumber in the family business was no easy task.

Throughout my 30 years of lifting there have been many victories as a light-heavyweight bodybuilder. In 2016 I won the Mr. Los Angeles show and in 2017 I accomplished first place in the master’s division of Mr. California.

A typical day during contest prep begins at 5am for a dark, fasted cardio neighborhood walk, followed by breakfast and heading out to work. Daily workloads vary greatly from relatively clean, in house repairs to extremely, dirty, outdoor, underground or under house jobs. Regardless of which types of calls come in that day you can bet they all involve contorting yourself into some very uncomfortable positions. After a full day of crawling and working in places most would be too claustrophobic to enter, its time to hit the shower, eat and head to the gym. Like the workday, my gym load varies as well, depending on which body part is being trained. An arm or shoulder workout is much easier, physically and mentally, than training legs or back. By the end of the week, every muscle in my entire body is incredibly sore.

This is where Chris from Vision for Enrichment comes in! The crucial bodywork he performs on me is essential. Not only for optimal performance in the gym, but also to allow me to continue working a very physically demanding job free of any aches, pains or injuries. I’m confident that frequent treatments from Chris with VFE will guarantee plenty more years of hard work under houses and under iron!

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