Run. Injury. Repeat.

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

JULY Featured Athlete - Shaina Osothprath Sport - Running

Run. Injury. Repeat. That sums up my first 10 years of running.

In 2016 I committed to joining the Warner Bros. Team to compete in the Malibu Triathlon raising money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I had a running background, but was constantly plagued with knee pain. I knew if I wanted to train successfully and consistently I needed a change.

After seeing multiple doctors who told me to stop running, which was not an option, or told me I needed $550 custom orthotics, which didn’t help at all, or a cortisone shot, I was left frustrated.

A friend recommend VFE and I made an appointment to see Rich where he performed a thorough assessment. He recommended deep tissue manual therapy on the muscles surrounding my knee, and strength training sessions with Mike at CrossFit Resistance.

Appointments with Chris R., Rich and Mike became my routine. My knee pain that had plagued me for years finally went away. After completing Malibu Tri, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve successfully completed 5x Ironman 70.3 events, a 50K trail race with over 7K ft gain, and in May completed my first Ironman 140.6! Thank you team VFE and CFR for helping keep me injury free!

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