Updated: Jul 9, 2019

JULY Featured Athlete - JP Amistoso , Owner of Crossfit Ganbatte Sport - Ironman/Triathlete Growing up in the Philippines, I was fortunate enough to have parents who supported my sport endeavors. They exposed my siblings and I to a variety of sports, from tennis, soccer, basketball to chess. I’ve come to realize that sports was one of their avenues of teaching us discipline, that in order to be successful, you must commit to your training.

My pops would sit us down at a very young age and would have us decide on which sport would we want to be better at? It was at that moment I learned the importance of making decisions.

That moment with my father shaped the way I made decisions growing up. Have a goal and then decide to put it into action. Eight years ago, I made the choice to open a Crossfit gym ( I wanted to create a space that allows the everyday athlete to come in and explore their limits. A place where I truly believed “where ordinary becomes extraordinary.”  After a year of being a business owner, I wanted to become a better example of what I believe the everyday athlete could achieve, I decided to train for my first Ironman race. I knew trying to balance both a business and train for an ultra distance race would challenge me, but making the decision to be better is about doing EVERYTHING the best you can to achieve your end goal. And YES!! It is going to be difficult! It is going to be hard! It’s supposed to be! You will find yourself struggling both mentally and physically.. but remember… If it’s that important to you… You will pull through.

11 Ironman Triathlons later, a trip to Boston, running a 50 miler and a 2:53 marathon time, and what was once a Crossfit gym has become Ganbatte Fitness, a strength training facility that specializes in Endurance training and offers different hybrid specific programs for athletes. The decisions I have made have shaped who I am, my business and our athletes. Over the years, our athletes created goals and have decided to train hard to  achieve these goals. From running their first 5k, to their first marathon, or finishing their first Ironman, I am grateful to have become a part of their journey. Along with sports specific programming and strength training, Ganbatte is fortunate to have Rich Lorton and Vision for Enrichment helping keep our athletes healthy, and guide our athletes with proper recovery for another week of training. As a coach, they help provide us information on how to address certain injuries. They have been working on me for years, and have prepped me for my long training blocks and my races.  I literally “knead “ them. =) So… have a goal… and DECIDE!  Ganbatte “Do Your Best"

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