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S t u b b o r n  M u s c l e s  W i l l  N o t   B e   T o l e r a t e d


As early as she can remember, Daisy has always had a passion for massage. Growing up, Daisy's dad use to pay her $5 to massage his back and feet. He was a big man, 6’ 6” 300 pounds, so you can imagine this little girl already molding her massage skills. Not knowing her calling yet, Daisy's family would always come to her for massages. It was not until 2020, right before the pandemic hit, that Daisy researched massage schools, and committed to education in bodywork. This was not an easy road, as the school closed down, and all students had to take a leave of absence, and had a son pass away. Not giving up on her commitment, Daisy had the strength and courage to return to school in February of 2022.  By November 2022, Daisy completed school, and is now a strong team member of VFE, and has a natural touch and way of communicating her care for the people she treats. You may not find Daisy alone too much on her days off, since she loves and enjoys spending time with her beautiful family. Best to just schedule an appointment with her if you want to catch up with Daisy.




Certifications & Skill Set

Sports Massage
Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue

Additional Education:
Physical Agents
Physical Therapy
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