Chelsea is a certified manual therapist and graduate of HHI Institute in Tujunga, CA.  Chelsea focuses on sport- related techniques for athletes of all levels as well as day to day aches and pains that many develop.

She works with the body using Myofascial release, deep tissue, cupping, IAFM , and PNF stretching to manage, manipulate, and rehabilitate  .  Chelsea applies a combination of techniques to treat the body as a whole and more commonly focus on the specific areas of pain and dysfunction. 

Her personal hobbies are reading and researching a variety of topics of interest including astrology, health and wellness of ancient cultures as well as the emerging new age health trends. Chelsea grew up playing competitive basketball and softball .

She further pursued basketball and played it at the college level . For the past few years,  Chelsea has developed a passion for boxing / kickboxing and uses it to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

S t u b b o r n  M u s c l e s  W i l l  N o t   B e   T o l e r a t e d


2456 Huntington Dr. San Marino, CA 91108

(818) 334-9820


        Tujunga, CA

                       Hands on Healing Institute



  •    Stick Mobility Coach
        - Level 1​

  •    Rocktape - Rockblades
    FMT Blades and Advanced Blades


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