C.M.T. 76337


S t u b b o r n  M u s c l e s  W i l l  N o t   B e   T o l e r a t e d


Chris has been an avid weight lifter for his entire life! He understands how injuries can compound and complicate when ignored and you keep training while injured (ie.,Train through the Pain).

Chris specializes in Bodywork dealing with Sports Soreness, Tightness and Injury.  He works with the body to relieve any pain you may have from Running, Lifting or any other sport associated injury.

Ultimately his goal is getting you back to doing what you enjoy and love, whatever sport it is ASAP. Every individual is different as well as every treatment session so he customizes your session to your needs.

Stick Mobility Coach
- Level 1 
Scoliosis / Fibromyalgia
Pelvic Girdle
Plantar Fasciitis
Myofascial stretching
Cupping/ Rockpods 
Kinesiology Taping
Muscle Flossing 
Deep Mobilization
Certified FMSA
CPR/First Aid/ AED
Reflexive Performance Reset
Level 1 & Level 2   
Integrated Kinetic
Neurology Approach



"After your workout, don't forget to work in a session with me!"  - Chris R.

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