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Certifications & Skill Set

S t u b b o r n  M u s c l e s  W i l l  N o t   B e   T o l e r a t e d

April Elizondo


IApril has been an active massage therapist for over 2 years, with over 6 years of experience in rehab sciences and sports injuries.

April's journey in working with athletes and injury prevention began in 2010. April attended CSU Northridge to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. She obtained her degree in 2015, and worked consistently in a Physical Therapy setting with college athletes. In addition, April treated clients suffering from chronic pain due to car accidents and work related injuries.

Having a passion for helping others, and enjoying the hands on aspect of treatment, April decided to become a massage therapist. This is where April gained experience in trigger point therapy and instrument assisted manual therapy. Her emphasis with clients is to help each of them to understand the functioning and reasoning behind myofascial issues, and  also educate on proper movement techniques to prevent injuries.

When April is not working with her clients, you may be able to catch her on an evening of Latin dancing, or even at a music event. April's presence and energy is a huge part of Team VFE.


Sports Manual Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy
Deep Tissue
FunctionalMovement       Therapy

Additional Education:


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